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Hire Equipment

You would like to have a go yourself? You have come to the right place. Pressing equipment can be a very expensive investment but for a fraction of the price you can hire some of our small-scale professional kit. We give you all the information on how to use the equipment as well as providing you with bottles or fermenters to get you started. Our experts are here to help. Follow our easy to use instructions, it's as simple as 1, 2, 3. We have both electric for ease and manuel equipment for family fun. You can hire for as little as one day during the week or try our weekend two day hire.

Manual equipment

12L Manual Press

Recommended for between 11kg and 40 kg of fruit.

This easy to use equipment is great for a families, kids can enjoy helping you turn the handle of the manual press (with adult supervision). Swing the cross beam over and use the hand crank to wind down the lid, squeezing the apples and forcing the juice into the collection tray.

Pair this with the manual scratter.

If you wish to make bottled juice you will also need a pasteuriser and bottles.

Read below to find out more.


Manual scratter

Recommended to be paired with 12L manual press. Place the manual scratter ontop of the press and mill the apples directly into the barrel. Apples may need to be cut before they are placed in the chute. If you experince a hard to crush apple we recomend turning the wheel the anticlockwise one-two turns then trying again. The wheel makes it easy to build up momentum even children can join in helping you turn the handle (they will need adult supervision).

20L manual Press

Recommended for 40kg + of fruit and to be paired with electric mill, we think the electric mill is better suited to speed up the process. This press is almost identical to the 12L manual press in the way it operates but its larger size allows you to press more apples in a single run.


If you wish to make bottled juice you will also need a pasteuriser and bottles.


Read below to find out more.

Electric Equipment

press 9.PNG

Hydro press

18/20 litres per hour

We recommend pairing with electric mill for ease. The hydro press is great equipment if you have a larger number of apples. The Hydro mill is mains water pressure operated, filling a bladder within the stainless-steel enclosure, it expands pressing the crushed apples against the side and releasing the juice.

If you want to make bottled juice pair this with a pasteuriser and bottles when you book.

electric mill

This equipment is not suitable for children and must be operated by an adult. The electric mill takes care of all the hard work, just put your apples into the shoot and the fast spinning blade will cut your apples and receive your pulp in seconds. The chute is detachable allowing for easy cleaning around the blade. Its locking system means that if the screws are not in place the blade wont spin this is an extra safety measure, we always state that you unplug your kit for moving/cleaning.



If you would like to bottle your juice this is the ideal piece of equipment. Fill your bottles with the fresh juice to the start of the bottle neck. Place your bottles into the pasteuriser on top of the metal grill, this creates a gap between the bottles and the heating element helping to prevent breakages. Place, don't screw on the plastic caps, fill the tank with water until it covers the juice line. Set the temprature to 75°c and the automated timer will start when the required temperature is reached. wearing gloves remove the bottles, screw on the caps and lie them on their sides to pasteurise the cap. Enjoy for up to 18 months, you earned it.


barrel 4.png


The fermenter, complete with airlock, is the pefect vessel for creating your own cider. Syphon your juice straight into the tub and fit the air tight lid, making sure the seal is fitted, add the airlock to prevent air getting into your product. Keep your fermenter in a warm place, keep topping up the airlock with water.


Cider Barrel

These barrels are perfect for when you are ready to syphon off your cider after the fermentation has finished. The barrel will hold 22.5L of product which is the size of our fermenter. The tap allows for easy dispensing and is great for parties. Make sure to keep in a cool place. Pair with gas injection cap for long life

co2 cap.jpg

Co2 Injection cap

This cap releases CO2 into the air gap between the cider and the top of the barrel. The CO2 is heavier than open air and sits on top of the product creating an invisible seal between the air the cider preventing contamination from oxygen which can result in cider turning to vinegar

bottle 750 vigo.PNG
bottle 500.PNG

Glass bottles

750ml bottles and 500ml bottles are available for storing your cider or apple juice. They come with easy to fit plastic ropp caps which twist on to fit. To bottle condition and prevent refermentation we insist on pasteurising your product please see digital pasteuriser above for info.

250 ml.PNG


Plastic supermarket style crates are available to buy from us, these will help you approximate the number of bottles you will produce. We advise that 8 crates of apples/pears will produce approximately 100 bottles. (This may vary depending on your variety and is an estimate)

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