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Hire equipment terms and conditions

Equipment hired out for the weekend is for two days only. The hire agreement on all kit runs from 9.00am to 5.00pm per day, any hours outside these may incur an extra days hire. Hired with full documented manuals with operating and cleaning instructions for presses and mills. The equipment must be thoroughly washed straight after use with clean water or you may be charged for cleaning.

All deposits in cash with photographic ID and a utility bill is required


Rental Terms and Conditions
The following are the terms and conditions that apply to the rental of Cider and Fruit Presses from Apple Cottage Cider. By accepting equipment furnished under this agreement, the customer whose name appears on this agreement accepts and agrees to these terms and conditions below. Equipment as referred to herein shall include all related accessories, manuals, and other items as specified on the attached invoice.

With respect to rental service, Apple Cottage Cider warrants to the Customer only that rental equipment when collected is in good operating condition. If equipment is not received in good operating condition due to no fault of the Customer, Apple Cottage Cider shall (at its option) either repair or supply replacement equipment subject to availability from Apple Cottage Cider’s inventory. Defects or discrepancies in or like objection to equipment must be reported to Apple Cottage Cider within 24 hours after Customer receives the equipment, failing which it will be conclusively presumed that the equipment was as ordered, was received in good condition and is accepted. The remedies provided herein are Customer’s sole and exclusive remedies. In no event shall Apple Cottage Cider be liable for direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damaged (including loss of profits) whether based on contract or any other legal theory. Apple Cottage Cider makes no warranty expressed or implied that the equipment is fit for any particular purpose. Upon notice from Customer during the course of rental, and upon return of equipment by Customer, Apple Cottage Cider will, at its option, repair or replace malfunctioning equipment.

Payment Terms
Terms are payable on collection. All applicable taxes will be added to the invoice and are payable by Customer. Proof of identity (driving licence or passport), and proof of address (council tax or current utility bill, not a mobile phone bill) will be required.

Apple Cottage Cider shall not be responsible for loss or damage to Customer’s business or property or for injury or death to Persons; and Customer shall indemnify Apple Cottage Cider and hold it harmless for claims for any of the foregoing, including associated legal fees and expenses.

Should customer default in its obligations, Customer agrees to pay Apple Cottage Cider for all costs and expenses incurred by Apple Cottage Cider in recovering the equipment or monies due and enforcing its rights. Apple Cottage Cider shall be entitled to recover its legal fees and expenses whether or not formal legal action is instituted.

Customer Obligations
Customer is responsible for damage to equipment due to abuse, misuse, or negligence. Customer agrees to pay the charges to repair equipment so damaged, and incurred shipping charges. Equipment shall be returned to Apple Cottage Cider in a clean, good serviceable condition except wear from reasonable and proper use. Upon return, customer must certify that equipment is free from contamination. Customer is responsible for loss or damage to equipment from theft, mysterious disappearance, fire or any other cause. In accepting liability for the safe keeping of all rented equipment, Customer agrees to pay Apple Cottage Cider the replacement cost (as determined by manufacturer’s current list price) of any such equipment which Customer is for any reason unable to return to Apple Cottage Cider at the end of the rental period. Rental charges will continue until equipment is returned to Apple Cottage Cider or Customer reimburses Apple Cottage Cider for the replacement cost of the equipment. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, customer shall pack the equipment for return to Apple Cottage Cider in accordance with standard commercial practices.

Any required notices shall be given in writing at the address of Apple Cottage Cider or Customer as shown on the front of this contract or to such other address as either party may substitute by written notice to the other.

Neither Apple Cottage Cider nor Customer may assign or transfer any rights, duties, or obligations herein without the prior written consent of the other, and any purported attempt to do so shall be null and void.

Should Apple Cottage Cider choose not to exercise any of its rights that shall not constitute or be deemed a waiver or forfeiture of such rights.

Purchase Rights
Customer has no purchase rights or purchase options under this agreement.

Rental equipment remains the property of Apple Cottage Cider. Customer shall not remove, deface, or obscure ownership labels.
Rates as above
All rentals start and conclude at Apple Cottage Cider premises.
All rentals are subject to the Apple Cottage Cider opening hours Tuesday to Saturday 9.00am to 5pm.
A refundable deposit of £250.00 is subject to the return of equipment in a clean, good serviceable condition except wear from reasonable and proper use. Rentals continuing beyond the initial time period requested are billed at the daily or weekend rate as applicable. Rental charges cease on the day equipment is received at the Apple Cottage Cider. There are no credits or rebates for early return.

Equipment Usage
Customer shall not make any alterations, additions, modifications, or improvements to the equipment and shall use it only for the purpose and in the manner for which it was intended by the manufacturer. Customer may not permit the equipment to be used by another party, any person under the age of 18 or at a different location without the express written consent of Apple Cottage Cider.

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