Apple Pressing Service 2020

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Pressing Service

We turn your excess apples into cider or juice with our amazing service.

Hire Equipment

Have a go yourself by renting our easy to use pressing gear.

DESIGN and labelling

create your own amazing labels to customise your bottles. Choose from our range of templates or create your own.

apple identification

Identify your apples or learn when the are ready to pick with our easy to follow steps


Apple Cottage Cider

​ Family run for nearly two decades Apple Cottage cider prides itself in bring you a top-quality product with no artificial additives or sweeteners.

Apple Juice is for everyone and we are pleased to offer you the opportunity to have your own apples pressed and turned into a long-life product you can enjoy all year round.

Cider is at our heart and we have been bringing award winning products to the table year after year.

Award winning Products

Bringing you the best

We pride ourselves in bring you a fantastic product every time, all our ciders are well rounded with age and we add no artificial colours or sweeteners. Our ciders are made with 100% British apples and are loving blended by our chief cider maker at our farm in Hertfordshire.

"From branch to bottle"

EST 2000


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Apple Cottage, 2 Pinnocks Lane

Baldock, Hertfordshire

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